Carlos Frevo is creating through his solid dance technique lively choreographies, that are reflecting his diverse dance experience and also the multi-faceted brasilian culture.


"Carlos Frevo Dance Company"

In 2016 he has started choreographing for and dancing with his dance company "Carlos Frevo Dance Company". He combines and integrates different dance styles, from samba or afro brasil up to contemporary dance, into an artistic form and expression, intenting to bring that on stage and present it to audiences around the world.

The first work of the company "Wer bin ich?" will premier on 18th of March 2017 at ufaFabrik Internationales Kulturcentrum in Berlin.


"Locomotiva do Frevo"

In 2006 Carlos Frevo formed  the “Locomotiva do Frevo”  dance group, and acted as a choreographer till 2015. He aimed in making known the rich and colourful culture of Brazil and spreading it over the boarders of the country.  Carlos Frevo participated with his group several times at the Carnival of Cultures (KdK) of Berlin and presented his work on many stages in Berlin and Hamburg.


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