Carlos Frevo teaches traditional dances from Brasil, which are influenced by his long experience in modern and jazz dance.

The base of his class forms a specific warm-up from stretching and diagonals ( jumps and turns), developing to movement and balance of the body as well as the perception of the body in the room. He puts a lot of value in the mediation of rhythm, co-ordination and the harmonic movement flow.

Dança Frevo Cultural Events

Dança Frevo was founded in 2012 by Anja and Carlos Frevo and it is named after the dance "Frevo".

  • regularly classes with Carlos Frevo: Forró, Afro Brasil, Samba de Gafieira and Frevo (address: Egelingzeile 6, 12103 Berlin)
  • monthly concerts
  • privat classes with Carlos Frevo
  • producer of dance festivals: Psiu! Forró Festival & Samba Treffen

Private Classes - Privatunterricht

Carlos Frevo is giving also private classes in Forró, Samba no Pé, Samba de Gafieira, Coco, Afro Brasil, Maracatu and Frevo.  In a one-on-one class, Carlos has the opportunity to work with the student individually and focus on the person's needs and abilities in order to help the student learn and further develop his dancing skills.

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Carlos Frevo is giving workshops and participating in several festivals in Europe and around the world.  calender...